KandyPens K-stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen For Wax/Dabs

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KandyPens K-stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen For Wax/Dabs InstructionsOverviewKandypens K-Stick Supreme is purposely designed for the vaping lovers who are..

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KandyPens K-stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen For Wax/Dabs Instructions


Kandypens K-Stick Supreme is purposely designed for the vaping lovers who are looking for vaping devices to purchase at affordable rates. This is one such vape device that you can easily carry at any place you want to. It is making you offer with the funnel based form of atomizer that will help you to reduce the level of the leaks. It is much useful to use and is often convenient too. You will love using this fantastic K-Stick from Kandy Pens.

This dab pen is designed and manufactured from the USA. It is featuring out the premium use of the high-grade metal finishing. Its mouthpiece is designed in a complete ergonomic manner and is much compact in creating. It is 5 inches in height and is often much lighter in weight and stealthy to use upon.

It is perfect designed for the excellent extraction of the flavor. It has been completely equipped with the 100% reliable quartz form of rod atomizer that has been wrapped in the titanium coils inside the access of the quartz crystal chamber. It is a complete leakproof design that is promoting the optimal flow of the air. It has been set with a fantastic production of the vapor and often prevents any messes.

Kandypens K-Stick Supreme is much easy to use because of the variable voltage attachment of the battery with it. It has a single controlling button with it. It can be powered with the durable 280mAh battery, where it is featuring with the three different preset voltages.


  • Its battery output is around 280mAh
  • Its metallic finishing is so much amazing
  • Its chamber is put together with the quartz crystal working.
  • It is entirely leak proof.
  • It has on and off feature on just one click.
  • compatible much to work along with all 510 Threaded form of Oil Tanks
  • use with concentrates.
  • much easy to use.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Kandypens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer
  • 1 x Loading tool
  • 1 x USB Charging for the Attachment

What's more on Kandypens K-Stick Supreme?

  1. Compact Designing

It is designed in a complete compact designing that is around 14cm. It is set with the width like an office pen that makes it one of the most compact and best wax pens on the market. It has been completely put together with the minimalist form of design in the sleek designing outlook. It is featuring with the metal finishing along with the smooth reflective style of the surfacing. This gives a classy sort of vibe in the whole vape pen. It is much easy in terms of the clasp, so you don't have to add any force and pressure on it. You can easily hold it in your hand and have a fantastic experience of vaping.

  • Temperature Control

This product will be allowing you to toggle around the preset settings of the temperature that will help you to customize around different sessions of the vaping. If it is put on the high-temperature settings, then it will help you to create some big vapor clouds. The lower settings of the temperature will be produced upon with some impressive hits of flavors.

  • The Upgrade Version

This dab pen is the upgrade version of Kandypens K-Stick which can produce high quality vapors. Besides, the voltage of this device is customized so you can choose the best voltage to vape your wax concentrates.

FAQ on Kandypens K-Stick Supreme Problems

  1. How to use Kandypens K-Stick Supreme?

It can be used through the one-click system set-up. To power on the whole system, you have to perform with just five clicks. Hence if you will click three times, it will change the entire voltage. Green is for low, the medium is identified with red and blue is for the high voltage.

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