Kandypens Amber Rose Vape Pen For Wax/Oil Vaporizer

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Kandypens Amber Rose Vape Pen For Wax/Oil Vaporizer InstructionsOverviewAmber Rose Vape Pen represents a fascinating ultra-limited edition vape pen. A..

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Kandypens Amber Rose Vape Pen For Wax/Oil Vaporizer Instructions


Amber Rose Vape Pen represents a fascinating ultra-limited edition vape pen. Amber Rose chose to collaborate with Kandypens because she believed that their vaporizers are outstanding, and that they will give her the unique opportunity to make a unisex product. Each vape pen of the line is handmade and it comes in two colors: Champagne/Gold and Champagne/White. The unique design featuring gold trim, champagne gloss paint, gold sparkles, and the official Amber Rose logo makes this vape pen one of the most noticeable pens available. You can indulge into wax and regular oil concentrate cartridges at home or on-the-go.

The set includes a leather case, a battery with adjustable temperature, which also has a sesh mode that keeps the pen turned on for 10 seconds, an durable mouthpiece with air carb, an all-quartz crystal chamber with dual quartz rods and an anti-combustion all-quartz coil-less crystal chamber, a glass tank with a capacity of 5 ML, and an adjustable-heat 510 thread battery that can fit any vape cartridge, and it comes with tanks for both oils and waxes.

The chamber which is entirely made of quartz crystal and which does not have a coil heats at a lower temperature in order to extract the most of the flavor without ignition. The big clouds of concentrated vapor are created by the dual quartz rod atomizer that has a quartz crystal chamber. You can enjoy smooth, luscious hits due to the refillable glass tank.

The four heat settings of the variable voltage battery give you the opportunity to indulge into your preferred oils or e-liquids. Obviously, the Amber Rose Vape Pen has all the elements necessary for really enjoying genuine flavors and the benefits of concentrates.


  • Battery with adjustable temperature and a lifetime warranty
  • 510 threaded
  • 10 seconds sesh mode battery feature
  • Quartz Crystal Chamber
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer with no coil
  • Leak proof
  • No dyes & wicks
  • Upgraded airflow system
  • Four temperature levels


  • Use For: Wax / Thick Oil
  • Tank Capacity: 0.5ml
  • 4 Temperatures: 300°F, 350°F, 390°F, 430°F
  • Thread Connection: 510 Thread
  • Battery Charge Type: Micro-USB

Package includes

1 x KandyPens Amber Rose Vape Pen

1 x Coilless Quartz Crystal Chamber

1 x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer with Quartz Crystal Chamber

1 x 0.5ml Glass Oil Cartridge

1 x Micro-USB Charging

1 x Dab Tool

How to use the Kandypens Amber Rose Vape Pen?

It has a battery with adjustable temperature with four temperature levels which is improved for all your favorite oils, waxes and e-liquids. Always remember to adjust the temperature before loading the wax or oil in order to avoid losing the concentrates.

Operating this Vape Pen is not complicated at all. Choose your preferred substance and use the dab tool to load the atomizer. Activate the vape pen by clicking the button five times. Press the button three times to adjust the temperature. You can turn on the "sesh mode" by clicking the button twice. Start enjoying a wonderful session filled with smooth and soft vapor clouds. Use the micro USB charger to charge up the vape pen.

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