Honeystick Elf Variable Voltage Vaporizer

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Honeystick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer For Thick Oil InstructionsOverviewHoneystick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer is an extraordinary tiny device appropriate fo..

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Honeystick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer For Thick Oil Instructions


Honeystick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer is an extraordinary tiny device appropriate for enjoying waxy oils and standard 510-thread concentrate cartridges on-the-go. The vaporizer can be attached to any standard 510 thread cartridge through its magnetic connector.

Its pocket-size makes this vaporizer excellent for discreet vaping while travelling. You can be sure your Honeystick Elf will not stop working on-the-go thanks to the high capacity battery. Anyway, there is a shiny battery indicator light that can be seen through the window. It lets you know when to charge it. The charging is fast and simple by means of USB. There is also an oil level window indicating the amount of oil in the cartridge.

The vaporizer is completely buttonless with an auto draw battery. The main problem with the classic buttonless auto-draw batteries is the low electric power connection. Unlike the classic auto-draw mod that cannot fire the ceramic 510 cartridges or cartridges which demand more power, the Honeystick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer can easily do that.

The Honeystick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer comes in multi color options. You will adore it from the first time using it!


  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Oil level window
  • Battery indicator light
  • Fits almost all wide tanks
  • Battery with high capacity
  • Ceramic tank with high-performance
  • 3.7 V battery
  • Compatible to most 510 thread cartridges
  • 350mAh battery that can be recharged
  • Auto-draw functionality
  • Snap-on magnetic connection


  • Buttonless design
  • Featherweight
  • Tiny-sized
  • Built from clean metal
  • Marvelous matte finish
  • Several colors available
  • Sophisticated aluminum body
  • Neatly packed together
  • Suitable mouthpiece with a flawless design
  • Size: 3 inches

Package includes

1 x HoneyStick Elf Box Mod

1 x Vape Oil Cartridge

1 x Magnetic Adapter

1x USB Charging Cord

How to use the Honeystick Elf ?

The Honeystick Elf Auto-Draw Vaporizer has no buttons at all. The only way to activate it is to inhale. The wide hole on the unit allows all tanks up to 11 mm to fit easily. The next thing you should do is to remove the cartridge that comes with the ELF unit. Then, tighten the magnetic adapter on the cartridge that you just removed, or on another prefilled cartridge that you have chosen. Ensure that you tighten it at the right place. Afterwards, simply drop it in and you will hear the piece clicking. Now you are ready to start your vaping session and enjoy. While inhaling you are going to be pleased and feel freshness thanks to the ceramic mouthpiece on the cartridge. Then, just inhale on the unit. You can notice that the body of the unit is brightening. If the light is green, it means that the device is charged. But if the light is flickering or it turns red, it means that the device is empty and you should charge it first. Get the USB charger and power it up. The draws are completely effortless. After a couple of short puffs, the oil will heat up. So, if you want to get an exceptional auto-draw concealer unit, the ELF is the right thing for you. You are definitely going to love it!

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