Honeystick Beemaster Twin 510 Battery

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Honeystick Beemaster Twin 510 Battery InstructionsOverviewHoneystick Beemaster Twin 510 box mod represents the world premier auto-draw vape battery wi..

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Honeystick Beemaster Twin 510 Battery Instructions


Honeystick Beemaster Twin 510 box mod represents the world premier auto-draw vape battery with double cartridge. Vapers enjoy a great flexibility in the oils, or concentrates that they creatively choose to vape separately or simultaneously from the prefilled 510 thread cartridges. They usually combine two unique contents in order to significantly enhance the vaping enjoyment.

This original vaporizer is suitable for one or two cartridges usage because each of the cartridges owns a battery that can be independently charged. The cartridges can be switched out without difficulty as a result of the magnetic thread adapters they use. You can just quickly pull and take the cartridges out. Then, place another cartridge in. These magnetic adapters are suitable for the majority of the cartridges that are 510 threaded. There are four magnetic adapters that are 510 threaded giving you the opportunity to make four different combinations according to your taste.

As expected, the amount of vapor will be doubled. Whenever you take a draw from one or both of your selected pre-filled dispensary cartridges, you will immediately notice great amounts of flavorful vapor. This flavor-rich vapor is something else - it has the potential to show you a different side of vaping and to take you to a new level of enjoyment and relaxation.


  • Four 510 thread magnetic adapters suitable for the majority of 510 thread cartridges
  • Two combined batteries that can work separately allowing single or double barrel use
  • Duplicated amount of the vapor
  • Mixing and matching possibility
  • Two micro USB charging cables
  • One dual micro USB wall charger


Use For: Thick Oil

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh on each side

Thread Connection: 510 Thread

Battery Charge Type: Micro-USB

Voltage Output: 3.7 V

Color: Black

Dimensions: 30 x 58 x 30 mm

Package includes

1 x BeeMaster Double Dual-Tank Battery (Not Included cartridge)

1 x Dual Micro-USB Wall Charger

2 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

4 x 510-Threaded Magnetic Adapter

How to use the Honeystick Beemaster Twin 510 Battery ?

First of all, make sure that both batteries are fully charged. Your vaping session will be extended if you charge the batteries equally. While charging, you will notice a red light along the side of each charging port. Choose the cartridges that you will use, and thread a magnetic adapter on each of them. Bear in mind that you do not need to use two cartridges at the same time. After you thread the cartridges, simply drop them in the opening and they will immediately be firmly attached. Now you are ready to start vaping. When you are feeling ready, just inhale on the device in order to activate it. The device will turn off when you stop inhaling, and vice versa - it will be activated with your next draw.

How to clean the Honeystick Beemaster Twin?

There is not much to clean after using the Honeystick Beemaster Twin mod. The connection spot at the base of the both openings and the surface of the device are the most important areas you should pay attention while cleaning. The cartridge is being heated when electricity goes through the base of the opening. This area can become sticky after some time. The most appropriate way to clean the dirt is by using a high-quality cotton bud, just to make sure that it will not leave any cotton fibers.

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