Honeystick Rip And Ditch Vape Pen Disposable

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Honeystick Rip And Ditch Vape Pen Disposable InstructionsOverviewHoneystick Rip and Ditch Vape Pen is a discreet vape pen with sleek design and one-of..

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Honeystick Rip And Ditch Vape Pen Disposable Instructions


Honeystick Rip and Ditch Vape Pen is a discreet vape pen with sleek design and one-of-a-kind features. It is created for waxy concentrates and it is one of the most affordable options for vaping on-the-go. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. Enjoy the incredible vaping experience that the Rip and Ditch Vaporizer from Honeystick offers you, and once the battery is empty, simply dispose of it. Unlike other disposable vape pens, this one is made of superb materials and it creates powerful and ultra-quality vapor. The external part of the vaporizer is rubberized and magnetized. The magnetic field enables you to carry the metal dabbing tool attached to your vaporizer, which makes this device very convenient and easy to use.

The Honeystick Rip and Ditch Vaporizer has a single rod atomizer and a completely ceramic chamber. These elements are made specifically to provide vapor which is extremely rich in flavor.

There is only one button for both activating and locking the vape pen. For locking and unlocking the device (due to safety purposes) you need to press the button 5 times. Once the vaporizer is activated, the LED indicator in a form of cannabis leaf will light up showing you that you that the device is on. After you unlock it, hold the button to activate it and in 1-2 seconds start vaping your most preferred waxy concentrates.

You can expect approximately 200 rips from the Honeystick Rip and Ditch Vaporizer. You can enjoy the rich and smooth vapor anytime and anywhere.


  • Single rod atomizer
  • Completely ceramic chamber
  • One button control
  • LED indicator
  • Magnetized body
  • Smooth rubber exterior


Use For: Wax

Voltage: 110V

Battery Capacity: Approximately 200 rips

Thread Connection: No

Battery Charge: No, it is disposable

Product Size: 6.25 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches

Color: Black

Package includes

1x Disposable Rip & Ditch Battery

1x Atomizer with Mouthpiece

1x Dab Tool

How to Use the Honeystick Rip and Ditch Vaporizer?

Make sure that your device is off and remove the magnetic mouthpiece. Take the magnetic dab tool which is included in the package and load the ceramic chamber with your selected wax. You should place the concentrate along the edges of the ceramic chamber, i.e. the heater, in a very gentle manner. It is advisable to fill the vape pen up to outside edges of the chamber. That is usually 2-3 scoops with the provided dab tool. Once you have your concentrates in the vape pen, attach the magnetic mouthpiece. Push the button 5 times consecutively in order to unlock the Honeystick Rip and Ditch Vaporizer. The indicator will flash showing you that the device is on. Push and hold the button in order to power up the heater, and in a second or two you are ready to inhale. Be careful not to close the air hole with your lips, because the vaporizer will seem clogged. When you are not using it, click 5 times to turn it off and lock it.

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