Vapmod Magic 710 2-in-1 Vaporizer

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Vapmod Magic 710 Mini Vaporizer InstructionsFeatures(1). 380mAh built-in battery, support charge via Micro USB (2). 510 Thread connector, compatible w..

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Vapmod Magic 710 Mini Vaporizer Instructions


(1). 380mAh built-in battery, support charge via Micro USB
(2). 510 Thread connector, compatible with most of 510 atomizers in the market
(3). Automatic vaping, pure and large vapor
(4). Five-security available
(5). Magnetic connector, easy to install


(1). Battery: 380mAh
(2). Cartridge Resistance: 1-3ohm
(3). Size: 13.5 x 28 x 56.8mm
(4). Output Voltage: 3.5V
(5). Color: Black, Navy Blue, Red, Blue, Rose Gold

Package include

(1). Magic 710 (380mAh) * 1
(2). USB Cable * 1
(3). 510 Magnet Thread * 1
(4). Xtank Pro(Ceramic Coil) * 1
(5). User Guide * 1

Vapmod Magic 710 Instructions


The Vapmod Magic 710 Box Mod Kit, from the brand Vapmod, is a small, light and very handy vape that fits 510 thread concentrate cartridges.

The 710 box kit is comprised of an M7 magnetic ring adapter which connects to the end of an oil attachment (max 11mm in diameter). This design makes a fast and strong connection from the attachment to the 510 thread vape battery.

After attaching a compatible cartridge, simply activate the device by inhaling. The Magic 710 Vaporizer senses when you draw, automatically powers itself up and heats the cartridge for 10 seconds at a once.

The Vapmod Magic 710 Vape Mod has a non-adjustable output of 3.5V, which is optimized to accommodate many concentrates to yield excellent results. The atomizer resistance is 1.0ohm to 3.0ohm. This mod uses a 380mah li-ion battery that can easily last all day without charging. The Magic 710 Mod is one of the best in its class for battery life. When it is time to juice the device up again, the quick charging USB cable will charge the device fully in approximately an hour. When charging, the device will display a red LED light on the base. When the device is fully recharged the red light will turn off. The Vapmod Magic 710 Mini features several forms of protection; over-charge security, over-discharge security, over-current security, short-circuit security and over-voltage security. The Magic 710 is a modern and inconspicuous way to enjoy herbal concentrates, while it also won't break the bank!

FQA for The Vapmod Magic 710 Oil Vaporizer Kit Problems

  1. How to know the Magic 710 Mod is fully charged?

When fully charged, the red charging indicator light at the bottom of the device will switch off

  1. How to store your Vapmod Magic 710?

  • Do not store batteries near metal objects such as coins, keys and magnets – do not store in pockets.
  • Batteries should be kept in a cool, dry location and not exposed to extremes in temperature or humidity. Batteries can be kept in a fridge if the room temperature is likely to be extreme (but be careful not to freeze them). Seal the batteries in an airtight plastic bag so as to maintain an optimal moisture level
  • To minimize degradation, encourage slow discharge and maintain the operational health, always store the li-ion batteries with around 40% energy left.

  1. How to clean the Magic 710 vape mod?

It is important to clean your vape frequently. This is because the battery needs good contact to provide flavor, heat and vapor.

  • The idealcleaning method is to use rubbing alcohol or surgical spirits on the end of a cotton bud. Be sure to clean the inside and outside of the vape and keep the battery upside down to rid the device of excess fluids.
  • To dry the vape, use paper towel. A cocktail stick should be used to remove stubborn dirt and to clean the threading.Take care not to break the cocktail stick and do not use anything metal to clean the device.

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