Vapmod Vmod For 510 Thread Cartridge

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Check Vmod V.S Vmod 2 Review for more real experience on the product.Features(1). E-liquid window easy to check (2). Shaped like a famous music player..

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Check Vmod V.S Vmod 2 Review for more real experience on the product.


(1). E-liquid window easy to check
(2). Shaped like a famous music player, small and beautiful
(3). 15s rapid preheating for pure taste
(4). 3 adjustable voltages
(5). ST smart chip make sure safety
(6). 900mAh built-in battery, support USB charge


(1). Battery: 900mAh
(2). Hole Depth: 37mm
(3). Hole Diameter: 11.5mm
(4). Color: Black, Navy Blue, Red, Blue, Rose Gold
(5). Size: 49 x 49 x 12mm
(6). Preheating Output: 2.6-4.1V
(7). Puff: 600 puffs
(8). Preheating Time: 15s

Package include

(1). Vmod Battery * 1
(2). 510 Magnet Thread * 1
(3). User Manual * 1
(4). USB Cable * 1

Vapmod Vmod Vaporizer Box Mod Instructions


Vapmod Vmod Vaporizer Box Mod uses concentrate oil cartridges in a sleek, compact form factor and boasts ultra-modern design features. As an AIO system, V-Mod by Vapmod combines fantastic battery power, a replaceable atomizer mechanism and a premium build.

The Vapmod Vmod vaporizer offers the definitive on the go oil vaping experience. The design is subtle and understated while offering super smooth rips every time. The V-mod is minimalist and features a single-button for all operations. With a size of less than 2 inches long and 2 inches wide and slightly more than 1/2 inch thick, the Vmod is easily portable and has more than enough battery for any user. The V-Mod has a 0.5ohm to 3.0ohm resistance range and delivers an output between 2.6V and 4.1V with a 900mAh battery that can last for days after a full charge.

To adjust the voltage, simply press the device's button three times to switch between the 2.6V (Green), 3.2V (Yellow), and 4.0V (Red) voltage options. The LED light displays the current battery life (>70% green, 30% – 70% yellow, <30% red). To enter Preheat Mode, press the button twice and the power button will flash to confirm the mode. Deactivating preheat mode can be done simply by pressing the button once. Holding the button continuously will put the V-Mod Box Mod into Normal mode. The V-Mod vaping device can be charged using the micro USB charging cable.

The V-Mod Box Mod uses a 510 thread connection with a magnetic ring and is compatible with all mini oil cartridges within the 9mm – 11.5mm size range. To change to a compatible cartridge, simply attach one of the included adapters and place it into the Vapmod V-mod Box Mod's port.

What's more on the Vapmod Vmod Vaporizer Box Mod

  1. AIO System – Single Button Operation

Once the cartridge is placed into the device, the AIO system allows you to operate the device using the single button. This system means that it can be operated with one hand for a stealthy rip.

  1. STSmart Chip With Short-Circuit, Overheat And Overcharge Safety Protections

The V-mod Vaporizer Mod utilizes a smart chip that has short-circuit, overheating and overcharge safety protections. If any of the five safety protections are activated, the LED indicator light will flash to notify you.

  1. Universal 510 Cartridge Battery

The Li-ion battery features variable output voltage control which means it is compatible with various 510 cartridges and attachments. The 510 threaded connection means that most 510 oil cartridges measuring anywhere within the range of 9mm – 11.5mm in diameter are compatible with the V-mod Box Mod.

  1. Preheat Mode Low Output Heating Feature

The V-mod Battery features a low output preheat mode that serves to warm up the cartridge and remove any debris or buildup inside the device. To activate the preheat mode, simply press the power button twice, which will cause the LED to flash for up to 15 seconds. To cancel the preheat mode simply press the button another time.

  1. Adjustable Voltage Output

The V-mod battery features a voltage selector that uses the LED to indicate what voltage setting the device is at (2.6V = green, 3.3V = yellow, 4.1V = red). Once you select a voltage, the setting will save as the default power output until it is changed.

FAQ for Vapmod V-Mod Vaporizer Box Mod Problems

  1. How To Use The VapmodV-Mod Vaporizer Box Mod?

  • Screw connector onto 510 thread
  • Place cartridgeinto Vapmod V-Mod Box Mod
  • Take a rip
  1. How To Use The Button Of The VapmodV-Mod Vaporizer Box Mod?

  • On = five clicks (LED will flash twice)
  • Off = five clicks (LED will flash once quickly)
  • Preheat = two clicks (LED will show red 10 times)
  • Cancel preheating = one click

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