Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder

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Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder InstructionsOverviewCreated from aerospace-grade aluminum, Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder is crafted from a solid aluminum bloc..

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Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder Instructions


Created from aerospace-grade aluminum, Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder is crafted from a solid aluminum block. Its upper cover, also called grind plate, fixes itself magnetically to its lower plate. The lower plate consists of razor-sharp teeth that can shred any size of nugs. The shredded substance then transports through and lands on to the screened collections section that can be unscrewed from its lower plate. Its collection section's screen side is covered with a keef catcher that is screwed on. It also contains the keef scrapper.

Moreover, this product is efficiently designed and created. Its magnetically-made upper cap assists during its initial twist and makes it easier to use as compared to the screw-top model. You do not have to sort the threads in a line in order to press your nugs through the teeth. With this product, you can easily just shove the cap downwards until it is flush and then you start turning. Once you open the grinder from the top, you can see that it is fixed together by magnets. Plus, you can easily grip the lid, so your hands don't slip every time you twist. You need to put the herbs in the grinder and place its lid on top, and then you need to continuously twist until your herbs reach your preferred consistency.

Furthermore, it is very easy to open, even if there are a couple of grip patterns on its aluminum casing. Due to its unibody design and extremely sharp blades, you can always access its collection section quite easily, even if you twist its upper stages a lot harder. This vaporizer accessory is a must-have if you want your herbs to receive an even distribution of heat whenever you warm them up.

This product comes in different colors, such as Red, Orange, Gold, Blue, Silver, Black, Green, including Rasta and the Gun Metal color. Have fun grinding various ground spices, flax seeds, salt, blends, herbs, and many more with this remarkable four piece grinder with an easy twist.


  • Strong razor-sharp teeth.
  • Created with aerospace-grade aluminum of the highest quality
  • Head that is precision-balanced
  • Various sizes are available
  • Various colors are available
  • Optimized threading
  • Strong neodymium magnets
  • The end result is dense and finely shredded
  • Great anodized finish
  • Comes with its pouch and its scraper

Package Includes

1 x 40mm/50mm/63mm/90mm Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder

How To Use Aerospaced 4 Piece Grinder

Firstly, remove the upper lid and push the substance on the grooves. Place the lid back on and then twist it clockwise and anticlockwise until your substance is completely shredded. Then open up the bottom chamber in order to get your freshly-ground substances.

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