Smok Novo 4 Kit

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Smok Novo 4 Kit InstructionsOverviewIt is one of the latest products in the NOVO series. But why do you need this little guy? This mini product has a ..

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Smok Novo 4 Kit Instructions


It is one of the latest products in the NOVO series. But why do you need this little guy? This mini product has a stylish appearance, compact, and contains all the essential features you need for a stellar vaping experience. This device comes in a pretty tiny box, and the kit includes a device, a USB-C cable, a pod, two 0.8ohm coils, and a user manual.

Do not underestimate this mini device's power! It is powerful and is designed with an 800mAh battery that allows users to vape at any time. Moreover, the two coils that come with the kit are leak-proof, heat rapidly, and deliver delightfully rich and tasty vapors. The LP1 meshed coil works best at 12 watts; it delivers soft flavors and more intense vapor. In contrast, the LP1 DC coil works best at 12 to 25 watts, and it provides potent flavor with less vapor. Thus, the vape kit caters to the needs of every user, and you can choose whether you want a strong or a mild vaping experience.

What's more, it offers an adjustable airflow wheel. You can turn the air-inlet ring and adjust the air vents, and set the value according to the vapor's thickness and flavor you prefer the most. The durable Novo 4 device is constructed from textured zinc alloy. It is robust and rugged and can withstand wear and tear.

Say goodbye to low battery anxiety! Its type-C fast-charging cable rekindles battery life within ninety minutes.

Not to mention, this mini device comes with an intelligent detection feature that updates the users about its status. Its remarkable protective feature safeguards itself from low-voltage, short-circuit, and eight-seconds cut-off. Novo 4 is available in various colors. It gives users ten options to pick the one that truly represents their style.

Features of Smok Novo 4 Kit

  • Fast-charging cable
  • Offer a variety of colors
  • Leak-proof
  • Adjustable airflow wheel
  • Robust and durable
  • Maximum 25 watts output
  • A powerful battery (800mAh)
  • Protective features
  • Smart detection
  • Compact and portable


  • Use For: E Liquid
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 17.7 x 93.5mm
  • Weight: 51.7g
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • OLED Size: 0.49 inch
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Wattage Range: 5W-25W
  • Output Voltage:0.5V-4.0V
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Resistance Range: 0.4ohm – 3.0ohm
  • Charging: Type C
  • Full Charging Time: 90 Minutes
  • Color: White Armor, Black Armor, Fluid 7-Color, Fluid Black Grey, Silver Carbon Fiber, Black Carbon Fiber, Cyan Pink Cobra, Blue Grey Cobra, Black Stabilizing Wood, Red Stabilizing Wood

Package Includes

1 x Smok Novo 4 Device

1 x LP1 DC 0.8ohm MTL Coil

1 x LP1 Meshed 0.8ohm Coil (Pre-Installed)

1 x Smok Novo 4 Pod (2ml)

1 x Type C Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

How To Use Smok Novo 4 Kit?

On top of the device, the pod is attached with pressure, and it does not wobble easily. Detach the pod. At the bottom, you will see two airflow intake holes on either side, and at the center, you will spot a coil head.

Take your coil, apply two to three drops of e-liquid to its chimney to prime it and then install the coil onto the pod. The silicon ring at the coil's bottom will fill the gap to prevent leakage.

Once installed, you have to fill the "fill part" located on the side of the mouthpiece. It is wide enough to make the filling and refilling process easy.

Install the pod and turn the device on. Press the tiny button on the device five times. If you want to adjust the wattage, press the button two or three times to change the wattage from 5 to 25 wattage.

Voila! That's how you use it. Enjoy a satiating vaping session.

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