Evod 4 In 1 vape pen

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Evod 4 In 1 vape pen InstructionsEvod 4 In 1 vape pen InstructionsEVOD 4-in-1 OverviewPros:■A highly functioning battery 1100mAh battery■Several types..

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Evod 4 In 1 vape pen Instructions

Evod 4 In 1 vape pen Instructions

EVOD 4-in-1 Overview


■A highly functioning battery 1100mAh battery

■Several types of atomizers

■Highly compatible and customizable machine

■Contrives as the best starter kit for the beginners

The new and improved multi-vape equipment provides the users with a 4-in-1 support, as it can be used with e-juices, medicated oils, wax concentrates and even the dry herbs as well. This is an excellent opportunity for all those users who are willing to enjoy a great deal with just a feasible amount of cash.

The guide to the EVOD 4 in 1 starter kit

  1. Is it the best vape starter kit for beginner to start vaping?

EVOD 4 in 1 is without any doubt one of the best vape devices there is and is best optimized to be used by the beginners. You can use a variety of vaping stuff such as dry herbs, wax concentrates, e-liquids and other types of the essential oils as well. It will without any doubt serve all of your needs in a truly elegant and user-friendly way. You won't have to buy a new device in order to enjoy all of these vaping essentials, you can literally switch in between these compounds on your own. You will be saving a lot of money this way plus the highly efficient battery that comes with an altogether power of the 1100mAh will ensure that you enjoy a great deal of battery power on standby all day long.

  1. How to use the EVOD 4 in 1 kit?

Step#1: The first thing that you need to do is take the EVOD 4in1 device out of its packaging box and then find the USB charging cable that also comes inside the packaging. Then, you need to plug it inside the mod and let it charge until it reaches its full charging potential.

Step#2: The very next thing that you have to do is to come up with a decision that what specific way you want to consume your herb? Because there are 4 different operations the mod can work. Of all the atomizers the MT3 atomizer is for the essential oils and the e-juices and the glass globe atomizer is for the herbs and the other concentrates. The BUD atomizer, on the other hand, can be used for the liquids or oils and the skillet atomizer is usually used for the wax concentrates as well. All of these 4 atomizers come with different coil structures that is why you have to be careful while considering which one to choose for the vaping purposes.

Step#3: Then, you need to enter the specific product inside of the atomizer of your choice and finally initiate vaping. You can also consult the user manual if you don't exactly know about how to insert the products the right way.

Step#4: After you have inserted the product then you need to screw the atomizer into the EVOD mod and continue to do that until it is promptly tight. Then, you can turn on the MOD using the power button to the proper number of times.

Final Step: If you need to take a hit from the vaping device then all you have to do is press the fire button and indulge into a smooth and fine vaping experience for yourself.

What problems you may meet on this vaporizer and How to fix them?

  1. Clean and maintenance the EVOD 4 in 1 kit

The first of many problems that you might face here is the heat, presume that you have left your device over a heating medium such as a heater or anything. Then, it happens that your battery starts to warm up and eventually it will short out. Also, it happens that you leave your kit over the dashboard of your car and being a sunny day outside it starts to heat and the e-juice inside of it starts to pour out. The main reason is that it becomes so thin in viscosity that the atomizer can't hold it off. The leaking issues can also be experienced while traveling over a certain altitude, there the e-juice might again start to drip due to leaking and cause problems. The very plausible solution to this problem is to turn the vape kit upside down so the e-juice doesn't pour out from the bottom of the atomizer. At the very end there is unnecessary tightening, if you apply too much force to tighten the screws then the sealing rings can become damaged and contact points over the EVOD battery can wear out. This can ultimately lead to failure of the battery and you might have to get a new one. Therefore, you don't need to tight everything so much that eventually, you won't get to unscrew it.

It is also very important to clean out your EVOD kit every now and then due to extensive leaking issues and that is not a fine thing to ignore it. The downside of the atomizer is consistently leaking where it is in contact with the battery and that can turn up pretty bad that is why you should take care of it already. The worst-case scenario can be your battery ending up dead. When you regularly unscrew the atomizer to put it on the battery just take a piece of cotton or swab and gently rub off the debris that has accumulated across your battery as this will ensure the longevity of your device.

  1. Flooding and Leaking Issues

There are a variety of factors that can lead your tank to leaks such as elevation of the e-juice beyond a certain limit, constant environmental factors such as an increase or decrease in the temperature and under or over tightening as well. To counterfeit this problem you will have to unscrew the whole tank from the vape kit and clean it with a piece of cloth or a swab and dry the liquid off, do the same with the battery because if the constant leaking gets to the battery then chances are that it may leave it dysfunctional. On the other hand, if this has been happening more frequently with your EVOD kit then you must start asking questions as what caused it? Where was your vape kit lying or was it too much or too little tightening that leads to it? Using the power of deduction will truly help you to isolate the problem and come to a solution.

If on the other hand, nothing has been working to solve the problem for you then there are a few tricks that you can put to use to help it dry a little. At first, there is the upside-down trick where you have to flip the device upside down so that no e-juice is reaching the atomizer. After you have done that fire the power button and take a few hits out of the mouthpiece as it will help to blow away the excess e-juice present inside the mouthpiece. Another trick would be to disassemble the whole apparatus and put it inside a few tissues and give it a good tug around and all the excessive e-juice will be absorbed by the tissues and taken care of. Flooding and leaking of the vape device can be a real tedious task but on the bright side, you have the tricks and tools that can help you to successfully carry on this journey of new and exciting flavors while trying to quit the cigarettes.

Kangertech Evod Instructions

Kangertech EVOD series is the best vape Starter kit for the beginner, which is easy for using with the low price. We have list the instructions of all the Kangertech Top Evod products below. Please read it carefully and find out the one you need.

Kanger Vape Overview:

  1. What is EVOD Vape?
  2. EVOD Vape Pen Instructions
  3. EVOD Twist 2 Instructions
  4. EVOD Vision Spinner 2 Instructions
  5. EVOD 4 In 1 Vape Pen Instructions

  1. What is EVOD Vape?

Evod is a very popular atomizer. It is being widely used in different parts of the world since it is simple to use. In the recent years, EVOD has gained massive polarity. If you are a beginner, looking for something that is simple, yet advance, there is nothing better than EVOD.

The EVOD is a Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC). This means that the coil must be located at the bottom of the atomizer. The coil helps in conducting heat to the liquid available below the tank. The bottom location is ideal since it helps conduct hear evenly.

What is the difference between the eGo starter kits and the EVOD vape starter kit? Kanger Tech is the name of the brand that manufactures Ego batteries. These batteries are also called EVOD battery. This EVOD is a useful component that works as a polycarbonate clearomizer. There is not much of a difference between these two. Both components require the same thing for charging. People who have just entered this field might not even realize the difference between these two.

  1. EVOD Vape Pen Instructions

EVOD Vape Pen Overview

The EVOD Vape Pen is also made for e-juice. It is a vaping kit that has an EVOD clearomizer tank attached to it. The tanks are responsible in making sure your wicks remain saturated. They provide adequate space and heating conditions for the e-juice. The complete vape kit comes in full where it has 2.5 ml of tank. If you are a beginner who find it hard to understand the mechanics behind this system, know that there is nothing simpler than EVOD Vape kit. The tanks can be easily refilled. All you must do is unscrew the base of the tank and channel your favorite e-juice.

Kanger EVOD coil heads are used in this kit.Users are only required to refill the tank and replace the coils. If you use the replacement coils for your rank, you will be able to save a lot of money too. This is a cost-effective way that is better than the old conventional style. It is cost-efficient and disposable. After a single usage, you need to get another pair. If you are looking forward to staying within budget, these replacement coils are ideal.

EVOD Vape Pen Package Include

1x USB Charger Cable

1x MT3 Atomizer Tank

1x Pre-Installed Coil

1x EVOD Battery

Compatible Replacement Coils

  • KangerTech MT32 SOCC Replacement Coils (1.5ohm, 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm, 2.5ohm)
  • EVOD H2 Replacement Coils (2.4 ohm)

The guide to how to use the EVOD Vape Pen

  • How to fill the liquid Tank with e-juice?

To fill the liquid tank with your favorite juice there are some simple steps that you must follow. The first is where you remove the connection between the liquid tank and the Battery Connection. Do so by turning the Liquid Tank counter clockwise to your battery. This will loosen the tank which is when you need to execute the second step.

In the second step, locate the hold in the centre. This is the whole that connects directly to the mouthpiece. Grab your e-liquid and place it on your mouthpiece. Let the e-juice channel inside. Make sure you don't fill it to the top. After the channelling of the e-juice part is done you are required to insert it back to you Liquid Tank. Reverse the step you did to remove it initially. While you do, keep a check that the Coil Unit is in line with the inner tube available inside the Liquid Tank.

  • How to turn on the EVOD Vape Pen?

There are many times that beginners get confused as to how are they supposed to switch on their EVOD Vape Pen. As much as this step is simple, people still ask many questions regarding it. There is a silver button located on the battery. To turn your vape on, you have to press this silver button five times. The same process will be carried out if you want to turn it back off.

  • Why is this the method of turning on a vaporizer?

This is an ideal method used to switch your vape on because it ensures your vape does not get automatically switched on while it is in your pocket. Moreover, users can get them vape to a higher temperature for even better hits and better vaporizing experience.

  • How to fix the leaking or gargling problem on the EVOD vape kit?

There are many times when your tank gets a little crowded with the flavor. This results into a gargling or bubbling feeling that arises when you inhale. No worries, you can fix this instantly. All you have to do is give your vape several sharp flicks. Keep its position downwards. This will jerk off any excess unwanted liquid that had accumulated in the tank inside the coil.

Before you flick it downward remember to check the tank is not leaking and it is tightly secured. Nothing should be cross threaded and that everything is secured. Secure it with your hands.

If you have encountered a leak right after you have filled your tank. It might be that your tank was overfilled. The vape liquid was poured into the tank more than required. You can also replace the old coils with fresh ones.

  • Why the EVOD Vape Pen not producing any vapour?

Another common issue faced by users is that their EVOD Vape Pen is not producing any kind of vapour. Before you take any action, you are required to check where the problem is at. Check the tank along with the battery to be sure what you need to fix first.

The next thing that you need to cross check is whether the PT3 coil is secured and is inserted well, it should not be loose. Repeat the same with the battery. The threads that you are using should be clean, wipe off any dirt or debris you identify. Change the coil with new ones.

You should also check the atomizer, the 510-thread available at the bottom. Lock the thread well with the battery so that it works best.

The battery 510 connector should not have a lot of liquid. Do not pour a lot of juice. Also do a check to find out about the resistance of the atomizer. You can also remove the head and replace it with something fresh.

  1. EVOD Twist 2 Instructions

EVOD Twist 2 Overview

There are many vaping devices available in the market today. However, only a few are simple and among them the best choice is EVOD Twist II 1600 mAh battery. There is not much that you have to figure out in the beginning. With no wattage controls, displays and extra detail, this will be your vaping device for the comfortable and easy experience you need. The voltage can be easily adjusted with the dial located at the bottom. The body is made up of stainless steel which is not too heavy. The sleek button flush along with the textured top adds to the aesthetic of the device. The top and the bottom are made up of chromed brass. The device allows its users to vape on their own choice of voltage. Users can adjust is from 4.8v to 3.3v. The divisions of 0.1 volts are available on the dial that make it easy to control. Moreover, the battery lasts up to 16 hours upon full charge. And it only takes maximum of 4 hours to charge completely.

EVOD Twist 2 battery Package Includes

1x EVOD Twist 2 Battery

1x USB Cable

1x Wall Charger

The guide on how to use the EVOD Twist 2

  • How to use this push button vape pen battery?

To turn the battery on or off users are required to press the power buttons five times consecutively. Light flashing beside the power button indicates. It will flash thrice. If the light does not flash, means your device is off and you need to repeat the process. It is a better idea to turn the battery off when not in use. This will safe battery life and prevent any unwanted consumption.

If the power button is pressed for more than 12 seconds, the vape will be powered off after the battery flashing 5 times. To begin the vaping, you have to turn the device back on.

  • Why the EVOD Twist 2 battery not working?

There can arise a situation where your EVOD Twist 2 stops working. This happens due to many reasons. One reason is that your atomizer is old and needs to be replaced. There can be a short circuit issue which causes the battery to shut down. When the battery stops working, the whole process is ceased.

The battery shuts down automatically when the voltage goes below 3.2v. If you notice your battery flashing five times, that is an indication regarding the need to charge your battery.

  • How to keep the lifetime of the EVOD Twist as long as possible?

It is important to take care of your EVOD Twist so that it lasts with you for a lifetime. In fact, this goes to all the devices you use in your daily life. Make sure your dial does not move past the point that says 3.3v and it stays under the 4.8v mark.

Remove your battery from charging once the light turns green. This indicates the battery is fully charged and you do not need to force more of it.

  1. EVOD Vision Spinner 2 Instructions

EVOD Vision Spinner 2 Overview

The EVOD Vision Spinner 2 is a simple device with all the settings easily accessible for beginners. The voltage dial that helps control the amount of voltage is located at the bottom. There are four main markings you should know about 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, and 4.8V. Users have the freedom to select any voltage between these main voltages as well. All you have to do is spin the dial turn. The battery cell is 1650mAh which lasts a good time. It is powerful with 510 threaded fits.

Moreover, an important feature of EVOD Vision Spinner is the heat protection. It will ensure the battery does not heat up the device. In case of excessive heat, the power cuts off if you hold it for more than 8 seconds.

EVOD Vision Spinner 2 Package Includes

1x EVOD Vision Spinner 2 Battery

1x USB Cable

1x Wall Charger

Vision Spinner vs Twist 2

In case you are wondering whether you should buy a Vision Spinner or a Twist 2, there are some important points for you to consider. First factor is how long you use your device. Moreover, another factor is whether you prefer 1600mAh Twist battery or 1650mAh Spinner battery. There is not a major difference between the two devices.

The guide on how to use the EVOD Vision Spinner

  • How to turn on the Vision Spinner

Using the Vision Spinner is not rocket science. Like any other devices the Vision Spinner is turned on and off by pressing the power button. This must be repeated 5 times. After pressing it for 5 times, the light blinks which indicates the device has been turned on. The light is a safety option as it makes sure the user is aware of its device powered on with his or her consent.

  • How to attach the atomizer on the vision spinner?

To attach the atomizer with the vision spinner, make sure the threading connection is in line with the Spinner 2. Secure it once they are aligned. If you want to use a Variable Voltage Output, you must repeat the same step.

  • When does the vision spinner 2 battery need to be charged?

The colour codes on the vision spinner 2 indicate battery levels. When white, the battery is charged 100% to 60%. When the light is blue you know that 60% to 30% power is left in your device. When the light turns orange, only 30% to 0% power is left.

  1. EVOD 4 in 1 Vape Pen

EVOD 4 in 1 Vape Pen Overview

This incredible device that offers a 4-in-1 is an excellent option for your e-liquids. You can also use wax concentrates, medicated oil or even can use the dry herbs because these release amazing flavors as well. The EVOD 4-in-1 Wax, Dry Herb,CBD Oil and E-Juice Kit satisfies all your vaping cravings. It is easy to use. The user-interactive features make it the ideal device for beginners. It comes with 1100mAh battery that gives you plenty of battery to make sure there is no obstacle in your vaping experience.

EVOD 4 in 1 Vape Pen kit provides the users with an explicit four in one kit, the kind that works on conduction. It heats up quickly and keeps your content heated evenly. The conduction process is fast and convenient.

EVOD 4 in 1 Vape Pen Package Includes:

1x EVOD Vape Pen Battery

1x BUD Touch Atomizer (CE3) Tank (for CBD oils)

One atomizer from the MT3 series(for e-juice)

1x atomizer that is explicitly manufactured with spiral pancake type coil and is a glass globe (for wax)

1x Dual quartz coil that comes features in the skillet tank atomizer(for dry herb)

1x Dab Tool

1x Brush Tool

1x USB Cable

EVOD 3 in 1 Vaporizer VS EVOD 4 in 1 Vape Pen

The EVOD 3-in-1 Vaporizer comes with 3 atomizers that includes dry herb, oils and wax. The battery on EVOD 4 in 1 vaporizer is 1100mAh which is the same as that in EVOD 3 in 1 vape pen. The EVOD 4 in 1 vaporizer is a better choice in the same price.

The guide on how to use the EVOD 4 in 1 vape pen

  • The first step is that you have to charge the EVOD 4 in 1 with your USB charging available in the box. Connect the cable with the mod and charge for good 3 hours.
  • The mod comes with 4 kinds of atomizers. If you want to vape with e-liquids and oils you use MT3. For herbs and wax concentrates, use glass globe atomizer. All the atomizers have their own respective coil stricture.
  • Insert your product in the atomizer.
  • Tightly adjust the EVOD mod on the atomizer. Press the power button more than twice.
  • Next is when you must press the fire button. This will initiate the vaping process. Enjoy clean and crisp hits.

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