Eleaf iJust Mini Starter Kit 1100mAh

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Eleaf iJust Mini Starter Kit 1100mAh InstructionsEleaf iJust Mini Kit InstructionsOverviewEleaf iJust Mini Kit is everything you will ever need to enj..

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Eleaf iJust Mini Starter Kit 1100mAh Instructions

Eleaf iJust Mini Kit Instructions


Eleaf iJust Mini Kit is everything you will ever need to enjoy a much less harmful smoking experience. Powered by a 1100mAh built-in battery, this sleek and handy vape pen kit will assist you in vaping for longer periods of time with only a single charge.

Nothing can be better than getting your hands on the two GT coil heads of 0.6ohm and 1.2ohm –that are not only spick and span but extremely

straightforward to install. The Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer will use the magic of these coils to make you swim in a bigger and better vape cloud. Not only that but the bubble glass tank section provided along also has a huge e-liquid capacity of either 2ml or 3ml. Be it the MTL or DTL coils, you will be ready to blow a never-ending smoke in only a few seconds because of our turn-key refilling design.

To suit your purposes the best, it has power modes which is adjustable that are protected with several safety measures. A robust airflow system is also engineered to provide you with a pure and better-tasting vaping experience. To keep the awesomeness factor to maximum, the red and green colors come with the metal paint to give you vapes a sleeker and gentler look.

Eleaf iJust Mini Kit Features

  • Big built-in power battery of 1100mAh
  • E-juice capacity of 2ml/3ml
  • Airflow system for a pure and pleasant taste
  • Swift and efficient filling with robust refilling design
  • Brand-new GT for superior flavor and larger clouds
  • Child-lock System as an ingenious design

Eleaf iJust Mini Kit Package Includes

1 x iJust mini Battery

1 x iJust mini Atomizer

1 x GT M 0.6ohm Coil Head

1 x GT 1.2ohm Coil Head

1 x Micro USB cable

2 x User Manuals

Spare Parts

Eleaf iJust Mini Specifications

  • Size: 22mm*104mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Battery capacity: 1100mAh
  • Output wattage: 25W max
  • Resistance range: 0.3ohm-3.0ohm

What's More on Eleaf iJust Mini Kit

  1. Compact Size

Not only is iJust Mini Kit small and compact in size to allow easy portability,

but the heavy power battery of 1100mAh can make your vaping experience

much longer also.

  1. Three Energy Means

There are three power modes in iJust Mini Battery for you to choose from. To

enjoy the best possible texture and taste of vapors, just click on the button

three times and you are good to go.

  1. Effective Child Lock System

Eleaf has done all the work for you and provided you with a dynamic

solution to childproof your iJust Mini Atomizer. If your child ever pulls out the

coil, the inlet of e-liquid will be closed automatically to protect your child. Moreover, you can easily change the coil later.

  1. Effective Insertion

The best thing about iJust Mini Kit is the ease with which it can be used with

iJust Mini Atomizer. It deploys thread-free GT coils that are super-easy to

insert and install

  1. Multiple Protections for Maximum Security

Atomizer Protection: To keep you mindful of time -if the vaping time extends beyond 10 seconds, the output will be disconnected after the flash has gone off for 10 times.

Short Circuit Protection: In case of any short circuit before you start vaping, the flash will go off for five times and the output will be disconnected automatically. However, short circuit during vaping will cause the light to blink only 3 times.

No Atomizer Protection: The flash will go off slowly for 10 times when the output load resistance gets above 3.0ohm.

The light will quickly blink 10 times in succession again to show the absence of atomizer detection during vaping.

Low Voltage Protection: The indicator will blink for 20 times if the device voltage is below 3.3V and there is output absence. However, the device should be charged again for use.

  1. Beautiful Color Range

Eleaf offers a palette of six dynamic colors for you to choose from. Whether you select the classic colors or the metal rubber paint in Red and Green, you will end up with an alluring vaping kit in all cases.

Difference Between iJust Mini Kit and iJust 2 Mini Kit

  1. iJust Mini Kit and iJust 2 Mini kit are similar in this regard that both have e-liquid capacity of 2ml and battery capacity of 1100mAh, a smart and sleek body, and enough power to take you through amazing vaping experiences for longer periods of time.

  1. Although the vaping kits are considered the best because of its super-convenience that renders the easy coil insertion in the tanks, iJust Mini Kit uses an EC coil while iJust 2 Mini Kit have adapted a GT coil head. For the GT coil head, you just need to insert it to the tank when installing it for it's thread-free.

  1. Having features like high-power battery and enhanced output voltage, iJust Mini 2 is in accordance with the battery level. On the other hand, iJust Mini Battery have 3 power modes (Low/Medium/High) that can be adjusted according to your preferences. Just tap the button for 3 times and you can change the modes to accommodate your purposes the best. Moreover, it is also facilitated with an indicator flash light.

FAQ for Eleaf iJust Mini Kit Problems

  1. How to Use the Button of Eleaf iJust Mini Kit?

  • To turn your vaping kit on, click on the power button 5 times in 1.5 seconds. The flash light will blink 5 times to indicate that your vaping device is turned on. To power it off, repeat the above steps in a similar manner.

  • To set output power level, click on the button three times in 1 second after your vaping device is turned on. The flash light will blink 3 times to indicate your selected power level. Green light means High, Blue light means Medium, and Red light means Low.

  • To display the current output power level, click on the button 2 times in half a second after the device is turned on. The flash light will remain alight for two seconds to show the current output power level.

  1. How to Install the Atomizer Head of Eleaf iJust Mini Kit?

(1) First of all, remove the atomizer base from the atomizer.

(2) To make the coil completely saturated with e-liquid, an addition of 2-3 drops of it is a must.

(3) Replace the atomizer head to its previous position in the chamber.

(4) In the end, secure back the atomizer base inside the atomizer.

  1. How to Fill the Tank of Eleaf iJust Mini Kit with E-Juice?

(1) Fill port can be seen after the removal of the top cap.

(2) Via the available port, load the tank with e-liquid. Cover it with the top cap again. Further, avoid overflowing and make sure to add only enough e-liquid.

  1. How to Replace the Glass Tube of Eleaf iJust Mini Kit?

(1) First of all, remove the atomizer base from the atomizer and then atomizer head from the chamber.

(2) After that, seal ring should be loosened from the base with the help of the tool.

(3) Used glass tube should be changed with a new one.

(4) With the help of the tool, secure the seal ring back in its original position, and you are done.

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