DazzVape GT800 510 Thread Box Mod 800mAh

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DazzVape GT800 Vaporizer Mod InstructionsFeatures(1). VW/TC modes are available (2). Compatible with Oil,Wax,Dry herb atomizer (3). 0.69 inch OLED scr..

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DazzVape GT800 Vaporizer Mod Instructions


(1). VW/TC modes are available
(2). Compatible with Oil,Wax,Dry herb atomizer
(3). 0.69 inch OLED screen displays data clearly
(4). Ergonoimc design and compact size
(5). 800mAh built-in battery capacity, long lasting battery life


(1). Color: Silver, Black, Gold,Red
(2). Battery capacity: 800mAh
(3). Matrial: Aluminium alloy+Zinc alloy+SS 304
(4). Battery Finishing: Polishing+Oxidation
(5). Charging time: About 2h
(6). Resistance: 1-3ohm
(7). Screen: 0.69inch OLED
(8). Size: 13.8x46x60mm
(9). Power: 5W-20W,Temperature contral 100-300C(200-600F)

Package include

(1). 800mah Battery Mod * 1
(2). USB cable * 1
(3). Loading Tool * 1
(4). Magnet Screws * 2
(5). User Manual * 1

DAZZVAPE GT800 instructions


Dazz Vape GT-800 Vaporizer Mod is an astonishing product brought to you by DazzVape. And it is certainly the best vapour product out there.

The DAZZVAPE GT800 is actually a concentrate oil vaporizer that happens to come with a varying voltage and temperature control feature for the ease of the user. It has a wide OLED screen of about 0.69 inches and an integrated battery with a total output of 800mAh. The Vaporizer Mod has a varying power output ranging from 5-20 W and a temperature range that is limited between 200 to 600 degrees. The overall value of resistance offered by The GT800 is about 1 to 3 ohm and a voltage output that ranges in between 2.3 to 5.3V. The GT800 can display a variety of parameters such as battery life, voltage output and the atomizer resistance on OLED screen. A micro-USB port is embedded that can be used to charge the battery. 510-thread cartridges are absolutely compatible to be used by the vaporizer. Using This Mod you can customize your settings accordingly by using the dual-output mode. With the help of the direct output mode, you can set the wattage by the 0.1W and by the help of the temperature control mode you can set the wanted temperature.

The DazzVape GT800 with its portable design ensures a compatible device that has a long storage life and also which is very flexible to use.

DAZZVAPE GT800 is built with over the top elements that provide with versatility, smooth operations and a user-friendly interface that is indeed very persistence with the needs of the users who happen to be searching for an amazing MTL device out there in the market. This device can be used for having a blast with any particular element such as concentrates, oils, waxes and other regular types of juices as well.

Important: This device is intended to be used with the herbal concentrates and might not yield consistent results with any other elements of choice.

What's More On The DazzVape GT800 Vaporizer Mod

  1. Design Of The DazzVape GT800

The DAZZVAPE GT800 is readily designed for the daily use and to work efficiently in greatly stressed conditions, it can stand up the everyday tear and provide the user with the great overall quality. It can provide with comfortable use and overall great feel having smooth lines over the body for a steady grip. It is particularly manufactured for the client who prefer a direct nicotine hit to their lungs directly from their mouth. It provides with a more refined design and overall stable build to be able to become compact with many concentrates including various oils, waxes and many concentrates to provide with effective mouth feel and a great overall taste as well.

  1. OLED Screen And Power Button

The GT800 has a great OLED screen mounted over the top of it that provides with the current information of the device such as the remaining life of the battery, output regarding the voltage and the current temperature setting on which the device is operating in. The OLED screen is 0.69 inch and the device provides the user with a three different function setting using the similar button and a very prominent activation button as well, this complete setup is also accompanied by two smaller adjustment buttons for an immersive setting experience.

  1. Support All 510 Threaded Cartridges

The GT800 is without any doubt an efficient device to work with because it can be used with 520 refillable cartridges that are sold separately. The device shows great versatility because it can be used with various varieties of 800 concentrates, oils and various waxes that shows a true user-immersive experience at its best.

  1. The Battery

The DAZZ VAPE GT-800 is packed with an amazing battery of 800 mAh wattage that can be charged instantly and provides with dazzling user experience. In order for the recharging of the device all, you have to do is to plug the USB charging cable in the charging port placed on the downside of the device and your device will be charged in no time. There are a variety of options right here you can just either plug the USB directly into the wall socket or adjust the device directly into a PC or computer and the device will charge just fine.

  1. The GT800 Battery.The device is extremely powerful, portable and very efficient in terms of providing the user with the ultimate flavour and an amazing mouthfeel that will last longer than expected. With this really amazing device, the users can lavish from a consistent stream of amazing flavour while enjoying a personalized vaping experience on the go.
  2. This mod actually supports the coils in the VW mode and the ss316 coils in the TC mode for a personalized experience that can be provided to the user.
  3. The 0.69 OLED screen provides the user with the following elements;
  • Indicates the battery life
  • Shows the very resistance of the atomizer
  • The output of the voltage
  • The temperature and the voltage output
  1. The dual output modes
  • Variable Wattage: 5 to 20W of the range
  • Variable Voltage: 2.3 to the 5.2 V of the output
  • Temperature control setting: 200 t0 600 degree
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.0 to 3.0 ohm
  1. Three button interfaces
  • An oversized firing button
  • Two adjustment buttons

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