Vapmod Stoner-X Wax Pen 1000mAh For Dab/Dip

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Vapmod Stoner-X Wax Pen 1000mAh For Dab/Dip InstructionsOverviewVapmod Stoner-X is the improved and upgraded version of the highly popular Vapmod. It ..

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Vapmod Stoner-X Wax Pen 1000mAh For Dab/Dip Instructions


Vapmod Stoner-X is the improved and upgraded version of the highly popular Vapmod. It is made with stainless steel material and has a durable quality. This is a two-in-one wax pen plus nectar collector vape that is designed to be used with wax and also concentrates. Plus, it includes different wattage options. This vaporizer contains an A-class battery core with a massive 1000mAh capacity so the user can relish in a stable and durable vaporizer experience. Vapmod Stoner-X comes with a dual coil system. First one being the touch style DIP Coil that has a food-grade and ceramic tip, which allows the user to pick up the concentrates from the container directly. The second one being the DAB Quadra Quartz Coil, which allows the user to use their device like a portable and handy wax pen. When using the Dip Coil, the user doesn't need any additional tools. They can just push and hold the device's button in order to collect the concentrates, and then they can use the device's mouthpiece that is located on the vaporizer's bottom side.

When the user switches to the Dab Coil option, the Stoner-X turns into a handy and portable wax vaporizer. The coil sits below the cap and the user can inhale from the pen's top side. This device comes with different voltage control and has three options: 15W or 20W or 25W, and it is shown by a blue or green or red LED lighting accordingly. Pressing the button three times will switch its power setting, while pressing it five times will turn the device on and off. Moreover, the device's 1000mAh battery is easily chargeable using the micro-USB cable at a 0.5A current, which comes with the vaporizer. Plus, this vaporizer is easy and simple to operate, and it has a simplified design.


  • Made with stainless steel materials making it highly durable
  • Consists of more than one heating coil that provides faster heating and a stable performance
  • Simple to operate and has a simplified design
  • Supports two optional wax vaporizers
  • Consists of an A-class battery core with 1000mAh capacity and has numerous safety security features


  • Wattage Output: Variable 15W - 20W - 25W
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Compatible to: Wax
  • Surface material: Stainless Steel
  • Thread Adapter: 510 Thread
  • Charging: Micro USB Port - 0.5A
  • Full Charging Time: 2.5 Hours

Package includes

1 x Stoner-X 1000mAh Battery

1 x Stoner-X Touch Coil (single coil)

1 x Stoner-X Dab Coil (quadra coils)

1 x Drip Tip

1 x Heating Chamber

1 x Micro USB Charger

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