Puffco Plus Vape Pen For Wax

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Puffco Plus Vape Pen For Wax InstructionsPuffco Plus Vape Pen InstructionsOverviewAnother flagship is Puffco Plus also known as Puffco Plus Pen is ver..

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Puffco Plus Vape Pen For Wax Instructions

Puffco Plus Vape Pen Instructions


Another flagship is Puffco Plus also known as Puffco Plus Pen is very popular. A team of competent and intellectual engineers have formulated the best device for a sensational vaping experience. The Puffco Plus mouthpiece replacement is a one of its kind and has no comparison with any other mouthpiece. It has been engineered brilliantly. Mouthpiece has a special tool component so that you can reload on the go. High end material is used in the making of the mouthpiece that is sturdy and durable and enables to enjoy a better vape. This special tool is called a dart. Another different component is the replaceable atomizer called Puffco Plus Chamber. Made with ceramic material to give you a neat and even vapors. Also the supercharger is a game changer with its high speed. The atomizer is made from ceramic so that it can offer you a smooth vapors.


  • Ceramic bowl that is coil less
  • Loading tool (built-in)
  • Carb cap (built-in)
  • Three heat settings
  • Sesh mode
  • Super quick charging
  • Long lasting battery
  • Alloy body
  • Smudge proof coating

Package Includes

  • 1 X PUFFCO PLUS Device
  • 1 X Cleaning Swabs
  • 1 X USB Supercharge

What's more on Puffco Plus?

  1. Excellent Mouthpiece

One of its kind mouthpiece that houses a cap, loading tool and a splash guard. Making loading an easy and neat process.

  • Coil-less Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic bowl traps the heat and generates amazing flavor. It even heats the oils and provides a flavor sensation.

  • A variety of Heat Settings

Select the heat mode that fits your mood. Options for thick clouds or light ones. The heat is dependent on consumption and load size.

  • SESH - Mode

12 second nonstop heat that activates by just a double tap. Use it for pleasure or medical purpose. This is Puffco exclusive innovation.

  • High Vapor Quality

Ceramic coil makes sure that the flavor produced is top notch. It heats the device evenly and keeps the rods in check. Ceramic also saves a lot of wax as the consumption profile is low. That is why experts prefer the ceramic coils and opt for the Plus. The vapor quality is good in any settings

  • Ease of Use

With its one button technology it is simple to use. Or you can activate the sesh mode and lay back and let the device work up its magic. Sesh mode is great for longer hit sessions as you don't need to heat the device again and again by using the power button. No one is going to have problem with the Plus. You can easily get used to it.

FAQ for Puffco Plus Problems

  1. How to clean Puffco Plus?

The Puffco Plus can be cleaned easily. The ceramic bowls are easy to clean. As one isopropyl alcohol soaked swab can clean the entire bowl. You can even burn off the remaining residue by heating it up to the highest temperature. Use either method that you find easier. Then wipe down the mouth piece with a wet cloth and you are done.

  • How to use Puffco Plus?
  • Detach the mouthpiece and release the plunger to extend the dart to its complete length.
  • Put on pea sized amount of wax on your dart.
  • Carefully put the wax in the coil chamber and screw the mouth piece back on.
  • Switch on the device by clicking the button for 5 consecutive times.
  • Set the temperature by 4 clicks.
  • Then inhale from the mouthpiece while holding down on the power button.

Vape4ever also supply Puffco Plus accessories and Puffco Plus V2 which is the upgrade version of Puffco Plus. Come and get one to enjoy vaping.

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